Speak-With-The-Trees Project Ideation and Planning | Mocklog 001

In 1968, the Yippie Party of the United States nominated Pigasus the Immortal for president. It is perhaps the turning point to the modernization of political theater, or the pursuit of theatric gestures for the primary purpose of political influence. It has been years since the last large instance of political theater (perhaps Borat or the modern comedian influence on voters can be attributed to the most recent large-scale political theater demonstration). I will be continuing Pigasus the Immortal's legacy through the Speak-With-The-Trees demonstration. 


Through this demonstration I will nominate and campaign for an artificially intelligent tree for the position of president in the United States.

To garner more support for the environmentalist movement, we create demonstrations that allow regular people to interact with the environment in new and innovate ways. As a result, I am constructing an artificially intelligent tree which will be placed in the center of West Lafayette where users can speak and interact with the tree in real time. Furthermore, the tree will be trained on all known environmentalism policy literature and will be able to respond to complex queries. To complete the project I will be using GPT-3 and several other python packages to encode/transcribe a user's interaction with the tree. The end goal is to construct a metal housing for a raspberry pi to interact with an external microphone and speaker. The user will then approach the device, speak to it, and the program will automatically return an answer to the user that is applicable to their question. This post serves as the introduction for the project, and I will be posting regular updates so that you may spectate upon the progress over time.

Stay Crazy, Stay Fun - John


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