Speak-With-The-Trees Project Ideation and Planning | Mocklog 001

In 1968, the Yippie Party of the United States nominated Pigasus the Immortal for president. It is perhaps the turning point to the modernization of political theater, or the pursuit of theatric gestures for the primary purpose of political influence. It has been years since the last large instance of political theater (perhaps Borat or the modern comedian influence on voters can be attributed to the most recent large-scale political theater demonstration). I will be continuing Pigasus the Immortal's legacy through the Speak-With-The-Trees demonstration.    Through this demonstration I will nominate and campaign for an artificially intelligent tree for the position of president in the United States. To garner more support for the environmentalist movement, we create demonstrations that allow regular people to interact with the environment in new and innovate ways. As a result, I am constructing an artificially intelligent tree which will be placed in the center of West Lafayette w

How I Automated Equity and Dividend Donations to Charity

Disclaimer : This is not financial advice. I am simply showing my method and reasoning for why and how I automated equity and dividend disbursement donations. The following text should be read as a friendly exchange instead of from a trusted Chartered Financial Analyst. Why I Automate Charitable Giving As a college student, money is always tight. Between paying for food, rent, and other necessities, it's hard to make sure that I have enough left over to make charitable donations. As a result, I've been on the lookout of ways to build systems that allow me to put money aside for donations without heavily restricting my cash flow. The best way that I found is donating equity dividends to charity. In this post I will show you my donation strategy that allows me to automatically put aside money for charitable giving while allowing me to grow my portfolio holdings.   Financial Tech Services I Use I use SoFi financial as my banking and brokerage partner for the time being. I have con